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Finnix School of English

Online English for Professionals


At the Finnix School of English we believe in Business English Coaching, which is unlike general Business English Teaching:

  • We tailor your sessions to your job requirements, help you achieve results, i.e. we will help you word your presentations better, practise them with you in your online live sessions with a Native Teacher, practise negotiating, etc

  • We help you develop your influencing skills, so that you can  make a mark in your company i.e by using the type of English that makes a difference, the same expressions and vocabulary that a Native would use, etc.​

  • We help you understand what’s expected of you and how you can express your thoughts in English in a professional manner, i.e. by looking at the structure of your presentations or documents and helping you word them in the same way as a Native Speaker, etc

  • Speed-up Your Career Growth by Improving Your English speaking skills.

    1 hr

    from £17/lesson
  • Learn to use English to have more impact in all work situations.

    1 hr

    From £20/lesson
  • Learn vocabulary, understand grammar and get the support you need.

    1 hr

    From £18.50/lesson

Live online lessons with qualified and experienced Native British Teachers.

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Lessons customised to your Business English needs.

Business Meeting

Top quality Business English teaching at affordable prices.

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